“The Departed” summarized in one word…confusing. I tried to follow the plot but after the first 20 minutes I was really confused as to who was who and which ones were the informants and were not and really what was going on with the plot. I then spent the rest of the movie still trying to figure out what was really going on in this movie and find a through line. If you like gore, violence and cussing and do not really care for a clear story line, then this is the movie for you.

Here is a quick summary of the movie or at least what I understood from it: There are two moles, one for a mob and one for the cops and there is a lot of drama about how they got there. Then they find out there are two moles and try to find each other out and in the end they both die (I think, if I followed this correctly) and there is actually another informant who is killed and then in the end someone kills the main character and walks away as the credits roll and no one knows.

If you followed that well it’s a lot more complicated than that and honestly, I don’t even know if this is really the actual story line or just what I found out. Although this movie was very confusing, the acting was five star and it draws you in with the action, so it was entertaining in the end.