Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope….an overrated story that has been done and redone many times. I don’t think I need to give a summary because unless you live under a rock you know of this story even if you have not seen it. Before I break this down as to why I did not like it, let me give a few compliments first.

I have to say the creators of this first movie were definitely ahead of the times when it comes to special effects and the sets created. I was very impressed by the effects I saw and I think they actually saved the movie to make it a little easier to watch. Also, the actors were pretty good as well. Sometimes with plots like this, they end up with B-rated actors and the entire movie tanks on every level. The acting and special effects helped to make the movie watchable.

Now to get to why I am not a fan of this movie. It is like the typical damsel in distress, guys finds plea for help and then discovers all this stuff about his family he did not know about and knows he is the hero who needs to help save her and a planet and there is a huge battle but of course in the end, the rag tag team that coincidentally end up together save the girl and world.

Thankfully, Princess Leia, does take over in the end and help them to get away so she is not completely helpless. Also, I did love the droids for adding a little comedy into the movie. However, just the entire plot is so predictable and I don’t know how they could have expanded the plot from there for so many more movies. They would just get so redundant after awhile with all the big fights. Honestly, while watching this movie, it just seemed a little slow and way too many details but these are just my opinions.

Ok Star Wars epic fans, I know I will have to be looking over my shoulder after this review but just don’t make lashing to torturous.