I mean what can I say other than its another "dystopian" story of how some creature has come to take over the world causing people to commit mass suicide and the only way to avoid this is by not looking outside or into the creatures eyes. They never reveal what the creatures actually are in the movie but they give clues that they cause people to see things that are not there and these images make them commit suicide. It's another end of the human race movie.

Sandra Bullock's character is pregnant when these mass suicides start to occur. She is not overtly excited to be a single mom or just a mom in general and when she finds refuge in a house with strangers her anxiety about this seems to get worse until she finds a caring (yet too trusting) guy named Tom. As the story goes on another pregnant woman enters the house and yes they end up having their kids at the same time (shocker)! However, right after they give birth the evil "creatures" enter the house and kill basically everyone except Tom and Sandra's character, Mallory. They are left to take care of both of the kids, which Mallory just so happens to name "boy" and "girl" respectively (so creative).

I will not ruin the rest of the story but basically they try to make it to a safe haven for people from the "creatures." Let's break this down, the acting was actually pretty good for being a Netflix movie but honestly what else do you expect from Sandra Bullock, except for the fact they could have done without Machine Gun Kelly as all he knew how to do was say the "F" word and was basically a pessimist. The set and story was well executed and kept me interested. However, I felt there were times that it lagged and also the ending felt rushed but overall pretty enjoyable movie.

Now, how the actual #birdboxchallenege got started from a survival movie and basically making fun of wearing blindfolds to survive blows my mind but hey it is 2019 and anything is possible.