Tiffany Kay and Johnny Marks went a little childish this week for their movie choices for each other, but let's be honest they both act like 5-year-old's sometimes so the choices were perfect!

Johnny Marks choose the Lego Batman Movie for Tiffany Kay. In the movie, yes they literally use the lego characters on screen, Batman has to save Gotham from the Joker's hostile takeover but he may have to learn how to team up with other superhero friends in order to save the city.

Tiffany Kay choose Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium for Johnny Marks. Mr. Magorium, 243-year-old proprietor of a magic toy shop, decides to turn the reins over to his manager Molly Mahoney, however mysterious changes creep over the Emporium. Molly and Henry an accountant, must discover the magic within themselves if they are ever to revive the now-quiet toys.

Check out our review and let us know how many popcorn kernels you give the movie!