Yes, that’s right, there is a Batman movie involving the Lego characters and it is what you would expect, a great kid movie to distract them for awhile in order for you to get some housework done. I have seen this movie many (many) times before as a babysitter and I can honestly say it is fun, mindless entertainment. I was actually surprised the first time I saw it of the sarcasm and conceited humor that was involved in the movie. I mean that may be a little over the heads of the kids who watch it but as an adult, it made the movie way more enjoyable.

I don’t think I need to go through the plot because it is a superhero movie involving Batman, the Joker, and them battling. Of course, in the end, Batman wins and realizes that he can let people help him along the way and it’s a “happily ever after,” at least for this movie. Honestly, I would watch it again just for some of the humor when I want a good laugh, but if you have kids I really would suggest it especially if they play with Legos!