Johnny Marks picked out his all-time favorite childhood movie, Dick Tracy, for me to watch and review this week. Before, I let you know what grade I give the movie and my thoughts, let me give you a little background of the movie in case you have never heard of it (like I hadn’t) or never seen it.

There is this detective, Dick Tracy, who is trying to find evidence to prove that “Big Boy” is the most dangerous crime boss in the city but can never seem to find the evidence. However, Tracy thinks he may have found someone who could testify against “Big Boy,” the barroom singer name Breathless Mahoney (yes, real name). So as the plot unravels, Mahoney only has eyes for Tracy and is trying to steal him away from his girlfriend Tess. Basically, *spoiler alert*, Tracy gets the “Big Boy” in the end, saves his girlfriend from kidnap, finds out that the real brain behind the whole thing was Mahoney, oh and a random kid that goes by “Kid” keeps appearing throughout the movie and helps to save the day in the end.

Well if you have not seen it, that was definitely one big spoiler and you really don’t even need to watch it after that. I got to say, not one of the best made films or greatest acting for that matter. You can tell by the scenery that it was all done with a green screen and whoever thought that in that time period all crime bosses wore brightly colored suits might have slightly lost it. I mean villains are not supposed to stand out that much. Also, I feel taken aback to the movie “Spy Kids” with Floop’s creatures that were human turned into weird looking creatures, with the weird face masks for the villains. It was definitely more cartoon-ish than I thought it would be.

There were so many plot holes as well, for instance, why did they not arrest “Big Boy” after having the recording the device in the room and hearing the illegal things he was doing? Also, why did the villain without a face (Mahoney) not come in until halfway through the movie? Did their have to be a random orphan who helped save the day but never seemed to get caught riding on the back of the car to a crime scene? Finally, who thought it would be a bright idea to cast Madonna in this movie?

With all this said, I have to say it a gave me a good laugh and I could definitely relate to “Kid” when he kept asking when they were going to eat (me, every day). I have to give this movie a thumbs down though. If you really want to watch it to cheer you up on a bad day with an awful plot and acting skills, do not even rent the movie, just find that one friend who you know loves every bad acting movie there is out there and I am sure they would be happy to loan it to you.