I went to Chilito’s this past Friday  to get my taste of the Cedar Valley fulfilled and I don’t know why but apparently, I am on a Mexican food kick. I promise, I will eventually try other cuisines! However, can we start with the fact that the restaurant’s logo is a red jalapeño pepper which normally would scare you off if you do not like spicy things, but then they add a hat and smiling face and it is actually very welcoming. So good job on the logo!

I think my favorite part of the whole night was the chips and queso! What can I say, if you know me by now, I love chips and cheese! I ended up getting the cheese enchiladas and they mixed two cheese’s in the enchilada and put queso on top, so by the time the dish got to me my mouth was already watering. Also, let me point out, that their refried beans are also some of the best I have had (and if you don’t like refried beans, then you do not know how to appreciate a good thing).

Yes, it was pay day Friday and so I did end up getting a drink and the Cosmo (yes I know I am basic white-girling) was probably one of the best I have had! Meaning of course I got a second one, but it is ok because I was smart and someone else drove. Overall, really good food and a fun atmosphere! Our waiter joked with us and made it an even better night!

Check back every week to see where my Food Tour Friday leads me to next!