I decided to do Food Tour Friday a little early this week because 1) I didn’t want to miss out on doing a final one for the year and 2) I just love food so I couldn’t pass this up. With this in mind, I decided to do a review of one of my favorite restaurants of all time; Texas Roadhouse. If you are asking, I have been to one of these in Ohio, then yes of course, I mean it is my favorite. However, the restaurant in the Cedar Valley just seem to taste a little better.

The atmosphere here is always the best! If you don’t love country music and you are thinking that you just can’t go there because of this, well give it another try. The conversations of people talking are so loud in order to be heard above the music, that not only will you not hear the music most of the time, but you will also leave without a voice! Ok, that last part doesn’t always happen and is probably not the best thing to happen, but you get my point.

Steak is my absolute favorite meal and theirs is one of the best that I have had! With all their homemade sides to go with it and of course a homemade ranch dressing which is to die for you, you really can’t go wrong! Let’s not forget about the mouthwatering rolls as well. Honestly, just don’t come here expecting to be too healthy or expecting to leave hungry because neither one of those things will happen.

So, the next time you go, if you hear an order for a medium 6 oz sirloin with mashed potatoes, a salad with only cheese and extra ranch, you know who is sitting right by you!