This week for Food Tour Friday, I went to the Pump Haus Pub & Grill on Main Street in downtown Cedar Falls. First off, let me say that I love going to Main Street for food and shopping because it is such a cool atmosphere where there always seems to be something happening. Whether you want to just walk around and sightsee or grab some food you have a lot of options.

Of course, since I love food, I always choose to go eat there and the place I went to this time was the Pump Haus Pub & Grill! The atmosphere here was awesome. Not only did they have live music getting everyone to sing along with Christmas carols but they also had an ugly sweater contest happening and let me say the people who put a lot of thought into this really succeeded because those were definitely some of the ugliest sweaters I have seen. The one critique I have for that space was the music may have been a little too loud as I felt as though I was screaming to be heard and I can’t lose my voice to be on the radio the next day but it was fun.

Regarding the food… Oh My God! It was mouth watering and I have never been given that many chicken fingers for one dinner! Yes, I am a child and got chicken fingers but it was so good. They also have the best ranch in town and I may have asked to take containers of it home… ok I may have a slight addiction. Make this the next stop on your list of restaurants to visit and make sure to have some ranch for me!