That’s right Cedar Valley, I have started my Food Tour Friday’s with one of your favorite picks that you all said I have to try in Iowa! I got so many responses on what I need to try and this was actually one of the most popular responses I got, and I was just in the mood for Mexican food that night.

I am sure you are wondering what I thought being from Ohio. I have to tell you, there really are not that many Mexican food places in Ohio so I am excited to see so many in the cedar valley. I went with two of my friends and the atmosphere was very relaxed and fun. There were not many people in there which made it a little quieter, which I love. I hate going to restaurants that are so loud you have to yell to hear someone and then lose your voice by the end of the night.

As for the food? Well we started off with queso dip for the homemade chips and I have to say I think that my have been my favorite part of the night! I love cheese and chips and think it is a match made in heaven and honestly the homemade chips were so addictive, I did not know if I would be able to eat my actual food after being full of those chips. Then came the main meal; Cheese filled enchiladas, refried beans and Mexican rice. That’s right people, I got more cheese! Now, I was surprised that the cheese filling was actually a yellow cheese, rather than a white queso I am used to but hey, cheese is cheese and it was good. Although maybe a little too big that I had to box it up, but I mean I had leftovers so I could not complain. If you think we stopped there, nope! We got a brownie ice cream dessert and my mouth was watering so much when it came out that you would have thought I knocked my water glass over on the table. I can’t say I finished it all by myself, mostly because the other girls kept reminding me that we ordered it for all of us but hey, when it comes to chocolate, nobody gets between us!

I left very satisfied that night and went straight home and passed out, which means it was definitely a good meal in my book! I recommend at least trying it once, but stay away from those chips because they are definitely addictive!