I decided to start off 2019 right by trying out Village Inn for breakfast this weekend. I have to be honest, I really am not a huge fan of breakfast foods. Part of it is because I just don’t eat breakfast every morning and the other part is it is just not as appetizing to me as lunch or dinner food. However, it was a little too early to ask for a burger so my friend suggested Village Inn. I am so glad she did though!

The service was very fast and all hot and ready. The prices are pretty cheap and the breakfast was actually pretty good! I had the pancakes, egg and bacon. Good lord the pancakes were like the size of my head (yes, I have a big head)! I could only eat one pancake and it looked like I didn’t even make a dent. The egg was also great and the bacon made me drool… yeah, it was a little awkward for my friend to see that part.

I would definitely suggest going there for breakfast food! I cannot say as to how the rest of the food throughout the day but if breakfast is any example, I definitely need to go back for all 3 meals of the day! I also heard that Wednesday’s are free pie day? Yes, please! If anyone needs me own Wednesdays, you know where I will be!