Dating is already a complicated and awkward thing to start with but add in some of these obnoxious or annoying habits and it could really be the end of your relationship. A new study has come out naming the Top 10 dating deal breakers that are sure to end your dating life quick.

I am not saying you personally do this, but you have probably run across these traits and because no one is perfect maybe these apply to you as well. Either way, it is important to be aware of these traits so that you can have success in dating.

Here are the Top 10 Dating Deal Breakers:

  1. Untrustworthiness.
  2. Anger issues.
  3. Bad hygiene.
  4. Rudeness.
  5. Selfishness.
  6. Laziness.
  7. Bad sense of humor.
  8. Neediness.
  9. Lots of credit card debt.
  10.  Different political views.