After all the bills are paid, there is usually some money left over that you are excited to save or spend. Most of us spend some of this money on fun things to make us feel better after paying all those bills. What are the most common things that we spend this extra money on?

A recent poll asked 2,000 people what they spend their disposable income on and although this was done in England, many of the answers transfer over to Americans as well. Below are the top 10 answers that people provided of what we spend our extra money on.

1.  Eating out at restaurants.

2.  Vacations.

3.  Clothes.

4.  Entertainment, including things like movies.

5.  Our hobbies.

6.  Books.

7.  Going to the bar.

8.  Our pets.

9.  Gadgets and electronics.

10.  Music or concert tickets

Do you agree with these answers or are you asking where are they getting this extra money? Well, the survey also revealed that 30% of people in the poll said they'd probably have more disposable income if they were a little better at budgeting. Budgeting is key people!