I don't consider myself a pessimistic person, but I also think that gigantic weddings are really too stressful and a waste of money. You are supposed to enjoy your wedding day and not focus too much on the drama happening around you. However, unfortunately many people forget this and it turns into an extremely stressful day.

Well, a new survey just came out with the Top 10 pieces of advice people wished they would have followed on their wedding day. So if you are getting married in the future, take note to have a wonderful day!

1.  Relax and enjoy the day

2.  Take more pictures

3.  Stick to your budget

4.  Pay more attention to the little details

5.  Plan for the unexpected

6.  Create a wedding album

7.  Serve good food

8.  Create a guestbook

9.  Print a wedding book

10.  Save stationary and keepsakes

In the end, you could also just elope or just not do it. Totally, your choice.