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Is This the Future of Concert Venues?
The owners of New York’s Madison Square Garden revealed plans for a new Las Vegas venue that will harness the most cutting-edge technology.
A 'Seinfeld' Revival Is Finally 'Possible,' Says Jerry
It’s official – er, officially possible. Seinfeld has long been seen as the holy grail of potential TV revivals, and its star and co-creator finally concedes that Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer may join the ranks of iconic TV shows brought back for an encore.
Martin Scorsese, 'Vikings' Creator Working on 'Caesars' TV Series
The success of History’s Vikings was bound to lead to other historical dramas, though we never imagined Martin Scorsese getting involved. And yet, the revered (and expensive) filmmaker is taking The Caesars to TV with a new series backed by Vikings creator Michael Hirst.
'Star Wars' Developing 'Not Just One' TV Series for Disney Stream
No one knew when Disney might confirm details of its streaming service’s live-action Star Wars TV series, but word of Game of Thrones bosses heading to the movies raised questions. Now, Disney bosses profess “a few” Star Wars series may be in the works, along with their own immi…
Is 'The Walking Dead' Boss Hinting THAT Character WIll Live?
The Walking Dead has tried and failed to get one over on fans before, but might be close to its biggest trick yet. According to creator Robert Kirkman, the show’s imminent and most shocking demise might not be so fatal after all. Slim hope, but we’ll take it.
First ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Teaser Is Here!
Ethan Hunt is back, and he’s more limber and energized than ever. After a series of new photos teased by Tom Cruise on social media (oh yeah, Tom Cruise is on Instagram now folks), the first trailer has finally arrived. The full trailer for Mission: Impossible – …