The second part of Zac Brown Band's video trilogy has been released. The short focuses on the importance of heritage, forgiveness and healing.

It opens up with our leading lady banging on the ground in a dark forest. This is in sharp contrast to the next shot of her younger self planting a tree with her grandfather in brightly lit forest many years ago. Her grandfather tells her that this is where their family had planted trees for many generations. The girl is then seen hugging her now bigger and stronger tree before we see more clips of the woman and her mother fighting.

As the video progresses, the girl returns home to her mother who is now willing to have a conversation with her daughter who is desperately trying to help her. The girl places her inhaler, the one we saw her use in Part 1, next to her mother's bottle of untouched whiskey. Part 2 concludes with the pair embracing and a particular emphasis on the mother's ring, leading us to believe it will play a big role in Part 3. Press play above to see the story play out for yourself.

The trilogy is being written and directed by Diego Pernía and features songs off of the group's album  Jekyll + Hyde. You can watch Part 1 here!

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