What happens when you lose something as important as a wedding ring and then find it 45 years later? Well you would probably be pretty surprised especially when it is found in one of the most obscure places it could be. 93-year-old Ray Schmuecker of Petersburg Iowa, has been reunited with his wedding ring that he lost 45 years ago! Schmuecker lost his ring between 1973-74 and could not find where it went so his wife, now deceased, went out and bought him the exact same ring as a replacement because she was so upset about it.

Well, now he has two rings thanks to him trying to sell a 1972 Oldsmobile recently. Schmuecker posted an ad last summer to sell the old car as scrap metal and Will Frye answered the ad looking for a motor for his 1969 Oldsmobile. Little did, Frye know that when he went to work on the motor for his car, he would find Schmuecker’s long lost wedding ring in the motor!

Frye reached out to the family to let them know what he found and Schmuecker is now reunited with the treasured ring as it is an extra special reminder of his wife, Virgene, whom passed away from breast cancer.

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