A new survey recently announced that 62% of people say they would relocate to a new city for a new job due to a better salary and perks. Apparently two-thirds of people say they would move and their family would just have to deal with it if the right reasons for moving are involved. The top reason people say they would move are for better pay and perks of the job (42%), other reasons include moving for family or personal reasons (17%), for a better cost of living (16%), to advance their careers (16%), and for better weather (6%).

They were also surveyed as to what cities people really want to leave if they found better jobs and you may be surprised to learn that Des Moines, Iowa was number 2 on the list of top 7 cities to leave tied with Miami, Florida. The list includes Chicago, Seattle, LA, Charlotte & Raleigh, NC.

If you want to know more or are thinking of relocating, check out the full article here.