Ok, I have heard and seen Bridezillas, but this takes it to the extreme don’t you think? On a Facebook group made for brides to get help and ideas on how to plan their wedding, a woman had posted a question about what the group thought about contact lenses for her bridesmaids. At first look this already seems like a strange request but the reason behind it is even worse. The woman said she was considering buying all of her blue-eyed bridesmaids contacts of any other color just because she thinks their eye color would clash with her wedding color of chartreuse!!!

Shallow much, are we? She even commented that she was fine with them having the same eye-color as her because she was not afraid of being overshadowed at her own wedding (which of course means she is since she had to point it out). Of course, the agreement on this group was that this was too over-the-top and apart from that if she was going to go with chartreuse dresses, she would end up having many things clash with the color, the least concern being the eye color.

What do you think? Is this too much? If a friend asked me to be a part of their wedding but only if I would wear these contact lenses, I would have to inform her that I would rather be a guest. Who knows though, maybe the wedding gift for the guests would be contacts as well so nothing clashes.