The final episode of the Grudge Nationals video series reveals the winner, and it surprised everyone who was officially announced as the winner.

What started out as a debate who was the better driver grow into a huge production.'s Cory Ford and's Bucky Doren aurgued who was the better driver. The next thing we know, the two of them find themselves at a dirt track racing side-by-side to actually prove who was the better driver.

In Episode 1: The Practice, we learned that dirt track racing's Scott Hogan and Corey Dripps were asked to join this unique competition. Cory Ford & Corey Dripps learned that had an illegal part on their machine. Plus, Bucky Doren had a 'pit stop mishap'.

In Episode 2: The Qualifying, we saw Bucky Doren grab the fast time, but he was disqualified for the same issue that Cory Ford suffered during episode 1. Plus, Cory Ford tried to executed his revenge on being mis-treated at the track.

During the final episode (Episode 3: The Race) we finally learn that's Will Bradley has been his working behind the scenes to try and steel the glory for the win in the first even win in the Grudge Nationals.

Based on what we heard after the race, this Grudge Series match is far from over. Stay tuned for the next battle between these wannabe jocks whose prime passed them a long time ago.

GRUDGE NATIONALS: Episode 3 "The Race"

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