The Bremer County Sheriff has now released information in which high winds caused accidents with 2 semis midday, Friday (Feb. 19).

The first incident happened at about 11:30am, on Highway 63, near Frederika. The big truck and trailer landed on it's side on the highway because of the blustery winds. The driver was not hurt.

The second accident occurred shortly after noon, on Highway 218, just west of Waverly.

Photo from Bremer Co. Sheriff

The semi driver noticed his trailer starting to tip over, so he steered in the direction of the trailer, trying to keep it upright. The semi went into a ditch, struck a road sign, a fence line, and a utility pole. The rig ended up about 150 yards out into a field, but still on it's wheels. the driver was not hurt.

The Bremer County Sheriff was assisted by the Iowa State Patrol and Iowa DOT Maintenance.