That's right folks, everyone's favorite sitcom involving 4 women living in Miami with wit, sarcasm, humor and real life experiences is coming back! Well, sort of.

Whether you are 8 or 60, you have probably heard of or seen this show and fell in love with it! We all had our favorite characters; Sophia- with no filter, she always seemed to say what we all were thinking, Dorothy- whose sarcasm knew no bounds and yet was always the rational one, Blanche- the idea of the southern bell holding onto her youth, and of course, Rose- whose naivety made us love her more. It was a sad day when the show ended but who is up for it coming back?!

Of course, many of the actresses' have passed away from the show, except Betty White whom is seemingly going to live forever, but that doesn't mean the show can't come back on Broadway. Ever heard of "That Golden Girl's Show: A puppet parody?" Well, it is based off the hit TV show and debuted on Broadway in 2016. Well, it is now going on a national tour in the U.S.!

The show promises capture the essence of the original characters and story lines but parent's be warned, it will be a little raunchier than the show. They have only announced a few dates so far in the states of Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, Indiana and New Hampshire but there are still more to come!

So, why should they come to Iowa? Because EVERYONE loves the Golden Girls and all should have a chance to see this show! We need some of that quick wit, sarcasm and humor in our lives to break up the day and we need our favorite characters back. So, if anyone from the show is reading this... COME TO IOWA, PLEASE! THANKS!