After the hype of a New Year settles down and we all go back to work and school it really seems like January is actually one of the worst months of the year. The celebration the first week is great because of the new year and people being on break and saying they are going to be a new version of themselves in the new year. Its an exciting time, until we all realize nothing has really changed and we all have to go back to our normal lives. I really am not a fan of January and I know many people who aren’t, I think we could all skip this month and be just fine.

In order for you to understand where I am coming from, I am going to give you my top 5 reasons for why January is the worst month.

  1. It’s a let down after all the hoopla of the holidays and the new year. There really is not anything exciting happening other than going back to work and your normal routine. It is like the Monday morning of the year, and we all hate Mondays.
  2. Your basically broke at this point after the holiday spending. This means no extra money to go out, drink, hang with friends or really do anything fun.
  3. Speaking of going out, we all become boring hermits because of the cold, no money and basically way too much human contact during the holidays.
  4. Everyone who’s anyone is at the gym trying to fulfill their resolution and I am just waiting for that time when there are only 3 of us in the gym to truly workout and not just take selfies as “proof” we worked out.
  5. Its just really a boring month. No vacations, no holidays, and basically no life. When we are all thinking about going on vacation January 1st, you know we could do without the 1st month of the year.