Want a trick to get in good with the in-laws early on? Well, here ya go!

A 71-year-old woman from Michigan named Bernice Ramsey recently found out that she needed a liver transplant or she would die. Of course, doctors tested her family to find a match but found out that NONE of them were a match!

It looked like all hope was lost at that point, until her granddaughter's 26-year-old boyfriend stepped up to the plate. His name is Cody Corwin and he surprisingly was a match with Ramsey. Without hesitation, Corwin offered to be a donor!

Ramsey's family actually thought about refusing this gesture because he would miss at least two months of work to recover and it was a huge gesture for someone not yet part of their family, but Corwin said to put him on the list.

The surgery happened on February 25th, and they're both doing great.  Ramsey's family started a GoFundMe page to try and cover Cody's lost wages.  They're hoping to raise $25,000, and they're up to about 15 grand so far.