If you didn't know, in February, Payless filed for bankruptcy and has been having liquidation sales at all of their 2,100 locations in the U.S. As sad as this is, there is some good news that can come from this.

There is a 25-year-old woman in Kansas named Addy Tritt who decided to use a local Payless liquidation sale to her advantage. This payless had 204 pairs of shoes left at their store and they were selling them for $1! What a deal!

Well, Addy decided to buy ALL of the shoes and bargain with the store by paying $100 which is 49 cents a pair. Payless decided to take her up on this offer when they found out the shoes were not for her but for a good cause. Addy wanted to donate the shoes to people in Nebraska, who have been dealing with the worst flooding in the state's history. Most of the shoes were baby/kids shoes which she wanted kids to have clean and dry shoes to wear.

Addy really wasn't looking for any praise but when she did not know how to deliver them to Nebraska, she was searching Facebook and one of her friends decided to show her some recognition and outed her. A sorority at Fort Hayes State University in Kansas ended up taking them to Nebraska this past weekend.