Talk about being overqualified for a job! There is a retired doctor in Illinois who recently saved a customers life at a restaurant while covering a busboy's shift!

His name is Dr. Bill Benge and he's a Harvard-trained cardiologist who recently retired. Dr. Benge was recently at a restaurant where his daughter worked in Winnetka, Illinois. The day he was there the happened to be St. Patrick's Day and they were in need of an extra busboy, so his daughter logically asked him if he could help out. Dr. Benge apparently had nothing better to do and agreed.

Which is a good thing he did, because five minutes after clocking in, a female customer started choking and Dr. Benge saved her life! He successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver and the customer got checked out by paramedics but continued eating as she was fine.

Dr. Benge hopes this story inspires others to learn the Heimlich maneuver, as it could possibly save someone's life.