Remember the movie "Field of Dreams" baseball movie that was famously filmed in Dyersville, Iowa? Well, it turns 30 years old this year and this seems like a cool way to honor that.

A Youngstown, Ohio Dad named Jason Kidd was asked by his three -year-old son two years ago if they could build a baseball field in his backyard... of, course you can guess the answer was laughter and a no.

However, Kidd started thinking about it a little more and decided to take some measurements and realized this could happen and is actually a good idea! So, Kidd took out some trees, leveled the ground and brought in some dirt. After two years and $30,000 it is almost done!

There was not room for a full, MLB-sized field, so it's meant more for wiffleball. Kidd still plans to install a fence with foul poles and lighting to play at night. This field has been compared to the one in the famous movie, "Field of Dreams" and there is even no corn in the field just like the movie. The city has no problem with it either and have been eagerly waiting to see the final product.

Kidd says the best part was seeing his son's face light up when they put the infield in.