There is a biology professor at the University of Missouri named George Smith who won last year's  the Nobel Prize for his creation of "phage display" which he created in 1985 (yeah, it took awhile for them to recognize him). Basically what the "phage display" is a technique that's led to revolutionary therapies involving viruses attacking bacteria.

Smith's Noble Prize came with a $250,000 reward and he has announced that he will be donating the ENTIRE amount to the University of Missouri to start a new scholarship fund! The school will also add another $300,000 and match other people's donations dollar-for-dollar. They have also started a new tradition where they'll donate another 100 grand every time a faculty member wins a Nobel Prize.

So did Smith keep any of the money? Well, no... but he did ask for one thing in exchange which is his own reserved spot on the bike rack outside his office because he rides his bike every day into work.