Bad Boys may have a stereotypical appeal of danger and adventure, but nice guys will put man's best friend first.

There is a guy in Charlotte, NC named Jason Gasparik, who recently saw a lost dog running around in traffic earlier this month. He managed to catch the chocolate lab and then started tracking down who the dog belonged to.

He started by taking the dog to the vet to see if it had a microchip. The dog did but there was no registered owner attached to the microchip, so he decided to post photos on social media and still no one claimed the animal.

What does he do next? Well, he decides to stand out on a street corner for three hours the next day with a sign asking if people recognize the lost dog with him. The photo went viral and led to the dog's owner reaching out to Jason. Apparently, the owner turned out to be an older guy who'd been driving around all day looking for her.

However, that isn't where this story ends... After the photo went viral, Jason has now been getting asked out by a bunch of women in Charlotte! I mean the way to get to a woman's heart is through caring for their pets, right? Well, Jason says he is single for now and looking to take things slow but ladies he won't be for long!