There is a two-year-old child named Cillian Jackson near Minneapolis with a rare genetic condition that makes it hard for him to get around. His parent's wanted to get him an electric wheelchair to make it a little easier however they are not cheap (costing thousands of dollars) and their insurance would not cover it, so they have not been able to.

This is where a high school robotics class comes in. Farmington High is a high school near Minneapolis which has a pretty cool robotics program. They build robots to complete specific tasks and kids can even enter them into competitions. Recently, they heard about Jackson and what his parents were trying to do for him and decided to make a project out of it to help out.

The high school class bought a regular Power Wheels toy, and modified it by replacing all the electronics, adding a better seat and even used a 3D printer to make a joystick that he could use to control it. When they needed some help they called a team of engineers at the University of Delaware but basically did this whole project on their own and finished it about four months ago.

It wasn't until this week when Jackson's parents visited the school and found out what they had done for their son! One of the kids who helped build it told local newscasters that winning competitions is one thing, but helping Jackson felt like an even bigger win.