Christian Larsen is an Idaho boy with autism who recently celebrated his 9th birthday in the COOLEST way! However, it did not start off so great.

Christian asked his mom if he could have a huge party to celebrate his birthday this year, where he could invite "all" of his friends. Christian's mom gave in but was very hesitant to do so and for good reason. Christian goes to Hillsdale Elementary school in Meridian, Idaho and during the end of the school year picnic, Christian's mother noticed the interactions from other kids Christian was receiving. Christian would go around and ask his classmates to attend his birthday and most of them would either ignore Christian or just say "no." Also, only 1 person RSVP'D to his party by this point.

Christian's mom wondered if there was something more to why everyone said no and was at a loss of what to do so, she reached out for help through Facebook:

Well, a family friend happened to see this message on Facebook and decided to do something about this predicament. She reached out to an old friend, Dan Holtry, who happens to be the head football coach at Nampa High School in Idaho, to see if he could help with this situation. Holtry agreed right away and also got the entire football team to join in as well without hesitation. On the day of the party, the team showed up chanting Christian's name! Christian was so surprised and became so much more involved in the party. The team stayed around the entire party playing games, eating cake, singing "Happy Birthday" and even watching Christian open some presents.

In the end, Christian didn't notice all the people who didn't show up but rather the ones who did and had the best birthday ever.