These teenagers really know the meaning of respecting your elders.

In Caldwell, Idaho, there are 5 young men whom were driving to play some basketball one day when they saw an elderly man walking and then fall to the ground. Although, they could have kept driving on, they didn't.

The driver, Isaac Hernandez, immediately pumped the brakes when he saw the elderly man fall to go check on him with his friends. After helping the man to his feet, the teens walked him back to his house and proceeded to clean his wounds with rubbing alcohol and napkins.

So, how did this go viral? Well, unknown to the teens, another driver who saw the incident occur was turning around to go check on the man when she saw the boys help the man and decided to take pictures and post their good deed on Facebook.

The photos ended up going viral and local Caldwell businesses start praising the boys with gifts galore. However, the boys said they were not doing it for the praise but just trying to do the right thing.