Proposal stories are always the best when a lot of thought are put into them and this one the guy really did surprise his now fiance!

In Louisville, Kentucky, there is a teacher named Allison Hunt. She teaches at a high school and last Friday they had a "routine" fire drill... or so it seemed to her. You see, Allison's boyfriend is named Tom Cecil and he is a captain with the Louisville Fire Department.

So what happened? Well, Cecil ended up switching shifts with another firefighter so he could be there for the drill. So, Allison had no idea he would be there and was definitely surprised when she saw him striding up to her. After all the students and teachers had evacuated the school, Cecil walked up to Allison and got down on one knee to propose!

Of course, Allison said yes and her students went nuts! Someone even got a video (on an old phone by the grainy video quality) and you have to check it out below!