Talk about a chance of fate.

A year ago Savannah Chavez Roesch's family received a letter from the recipient of their brother/son's heart thanking them for helping to save his life. You see, Savannah's brother was an organ donor and his heart went to a deserving elderly man but they did not know that at the time. Apparently, donors and recipients cannot share any identifying information like name, age or where they live.

Savannah decided to send back to the recipient pictures of her brother Donovan so they could put a face to the heart but Savannah's family still wanted to meet the recipient. Well, by a chance of fate that happened a year later!

Savannah's family were attending the St. Louis  Cardinals' "Donate Life Day" event to honor the donor in their lives. While there, the daughter of the organ donor recipient recognized Savannah's brother's face on their shirts from the photos Savannah sent to her father. It was then that Savannah and her family finally met the man that received Donovan's heart.  It was a tearful reunion for sure.