Bullying can unfortunately lead to some kids moving schools to get away from the bullies, which is what happened with this kid, but he was surprised to find gifts waiting for him when he arrived.

15-year-old Azzy Robinson used to have a lot of problems with bullies in his old school near Nashville. Robinson got picked on so much that he eventually gave up wanting to go to school and just wanted to stay in bed all day and hide.

He recently switched to a new school to get away from the bullies and has been doing a lot better. He even has reasons to forget all about his old bullies, thanks to some of his new classmates. You see, some of his classmates had found out that Robinson had been bullied and decided to chip in and buy him gifts to make him feel more welcome! They surprised him with new clothes and a new pair of shoes and as soon as Robinson opened the box he started crying because he was so appreciative.