In Zebulon, Georgia, there is an 80-year-old janitor by the name of Haze Mabry who recently got the surprise of a lifetime.

Haze has been a janitor at Pike County Elementary School for the past 13 years. He is considered the "most loved" person in the school because of the special attention he shows to the students. This and many other reasons are why the students decided to surprise Haze on his 80th birthday last month.

Haze went to work ready to clean up trash and bag the garbage, like any other day, but when he entered the building something was different. Haze was greeted by 800 kids chanting his name in the hallway as he walked down! Not only that, they began singing happy birthday, holding up handmade signs and even handing him cards! In facet, Haze got so many cards that a few of the kids had to follow him to collect them all into a bucket.

Haze was so overwhelmed and hugged every student in the hallway and even took extra time after to read every card and thank every student. Haze told the Washington Post that every child in the school is "like children of his own."