If you feel like you have a lot on your plate, wait until you read this story.

In Derby, Kansas, there lives the Fulbright family. Gary and Lisa Fulbright are parents to 10 kids! Although, this may sound like a lot, they recently added a few more members to their family to make a little bigger. And when I say a few, I mean 7 more kids!

The Fulbright's recently adopted 7 siblings ranging from the ages of 3 to 12 years old. You see, the 7 kids have had a rough upbringing as their dad ran off and their mom lost custody due to neglect. Gary and Lisa have had these kids on their radar since they became foster parents to three of the seven kids about two years ago. Slowly they got custody of all 7.

To top it off, they did not want to split up the siblings so they decided to adopt all 7! What makes it even better is that the adoption went through last Wednesday, on National Siblings Day! It's like a real life version of the movie, "Yours, Mine & Ours."