An 87-year-old man from Maryland decided to go on a walk on Monday with his two dogs. It's good a thing he went with his dogs because he ended up getting stuck in some mud. You see, the man was trying to grab a stick for the pups to play with when he ended up getting stuck in knee-deep mud. Although, he didn't think it was a big deal he realized he could not pull himself out of it.

When the man tried to free himself, he kept sinking deeper into the mud. Thankfully, his two dogs realized that something was wrong and went to get help. The dogs ran out of the woods to a nearby trail and started barking at people until one good Samaritan stopped. A biker saw the dogs barking and realized something was wrong and stopped to check it out. Eventually, they found the guy in the woods and firefighters came and managed to free him. The man was only stuck for about an hour but if the dogs weren't there, it could have been much worse.