Back on Christmas, a family received DNA kits to find out what their heritage was... what they soon discovered changed their lives forever.

A Lafayette, Louisiana woman named Wanda LeBlanc recently recieved DNA kits with her entire family for Christmas. The idea was that they wanted to find out their heritages and then have a huge family dinner with different staple food dishes from their cultures. However, what LeBlanc did not expect was to find out she had a family member that no one knew about.

When LeBlanc got her results back, she noticed a name under her relatives that she did not recognize. When she clicked on the profile it read "“I am adopted, and I have never met my birth family.” Turns out this woman, 70-year-old Lynne Wray, is LeBlanc's aunt! LeBlanc reached out to her right away and apparently Wray was born in 1948 and she and her mother, 90-year-old Elizabeth Pullen, never imagined they would meet in person.

Until last month...Wray received a phone call one day from her mother and within one month flew from North Carolina to Lafayette. They met on Monday and the reactions and warm embrace was defintiley a special moment. Check out a picture of their reactions here!