It's the underdogs in life that will end up surprising us all and ruling the world, not the people with all the money as evident by this story.

18-year-old Athena Capo-Battaglia is from New York, and like most, did not have an easy childhood. It was just her and her mom when she was growing up and about two years ago, thinks took a turn for the worst as they ended up in a homeless shelter in Queens, NY, because they couldn't afford rent anymore. However, Athena did not let this get her down but rather made her turn to better things, such as becoming a volunteer cop.

While Athena and her mom were homeless, Athena signed up to be a volunteer "auxiliary cop" with the NYPD, which basically means that she assisted with crime prevention and helped to patrol places like subway stations and street fairs. This led to her graduating from the program as class valedictorian a year ago and getting a $1,000 scholarship out of it.

That is not even the best news... she recently got into HARVARD! Athena is using that scholarship and probably some others she received to study neuroscience while working part-time at a cafe near the school.