Trending today on social media is the hashtag "#MyUnOlympicEventWouldBe". That got us to thinking what 'UnOlympic' event we'd love to compete in.

If you could create your own Olympic event that fits you like a glove, what odd contest would you prove to be the Jedi Master in. Twitter has been a buzz with some creative UnOlympic events.

Some of the ideas we came up with...

Reciting Movie Lines in Perfect Sync with the Real Movie.
"These aren't the droids you're looking for."

People Watching.
Who hasn't mastered the ability to stare but not get caught staring?

Eating Things on a Stick.
By the time the Olympics roll around, we should have this mastered after visiting all the county fairs in the area.

Talking To People While Check Our Email on A Smartphone
I'm sure we know a few that we could enter into this event for them. We'd have to. They'd be too busy checking their emails.

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Tell us what yours would be.