With the WWE House Show coming to the McLeod Center on Sunday, September 3rd, this is what you can expect to experience at a WWE Live Event.

In January of 2010, I was able to get tickets for WWE Monday Night Raw at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  Sheamus was the WWE Champion and John Cena was trying to win back the championship belt. This was also when Raw had a special guest host and this week it was “Iron” Mike Tyson.

When you watch an episode of Monday Night Raw, you see the ring and the stage is set up to the left. Our seats would be “camera right.” This way we could see the ring and the stage at the same time.

From years of watching WWE on TV, the first thing I noticed while being in the stands (and would be the same way at a “house show”) was that there was no commentary. Regardless of how you feel about the broadcast teams, the silence of not hearing a running commentary made it oddly quiet.  But you could hear the full impact of hitting the mat as it was much louder in the arena.

It was also interesting to see the way the wrestlers exited after their match. You see all the time the winner’s hands raised as they walk up the ramp but the loser will escape quickly and quietly.  They usually go to the side of the ramp and exit into the darkness of the side of the stage.

Going to the show live does run the risk of being caught behind someone holding up a sign. Signs are a big part of the WWE but it’s true, “The guy behind me can’t see.”

The live show is also very infectious. My advice is to embrace it. Cheer, boo, hiss, chant, and enjoy!

WWE Live comes to McLeod Center (Cedar Falls, IA) on Sunday, September 3, 2017. Tickets are on-sale now at unitix.uni.edu (web).