Labor Day Weekend serves as the unofficial end to summertime fun in the Cedar Valley. Fall is just around the corner. As the sunsets on our outdoor fun, it will be a long eight months before we can enjoy our favorite summer activities again.

Tubing is lost until next year. Now where will we be able to just sit and do nothing for a few hours on a Saturday? Oh yeah, thank you college football..

Who can still remember the taste of a turkey leg they had during Sturgis Falls. Seriously, some people look like a glazed doughnut after devouring one.

The Lost Island Water (Photo: Bucky Doren)

A least there won't be another sunburn episode after falling asleep in a lounger at Lost Island Water Park. “I swear I was in the shade when I first sat down.”

You haven't been racing unless you've had dirt in your beer. It's a racing thing.

Thank you summer camp for taking our kids off our hands for at least one week. Why can't they be two weeks long?

You will have to wait another year to eat something on a stick. God bless the Iowa State Fair for introducing new things on a stick each year.

(Photo: Yan Lev - ThinkStock)

The bike trails in the Cedar Valley are the best.

We love camping. Fires, trails, swimming in the lake are so much fun, and watching Uncle Bob trying to jump over the fire is even entertaining. They know him at the E.R. By name. “Again, Uncle Bob? You think you'd learn after the second attempt.”

No more flip-flops. Well, except for the diehards. They'll wear them darn things all year long.

Photo: Bucky Doren

Long live the county fairs. Concerts. Demo Derbies. Carnival Rides. Racing. Simply the best.

My Waterloo Days was a blast. The Laser Light Show was awesome!

Thank you Friday-Loo and Live to Nine for stopping at the end of summer. Now we have time for our livers to heal.

The Waterloo Bucks were fun to watch with family and friends. Is it May 2017 yet?

Thank you Iowa Irish Fest for letting all of us be Irish for one jam packed weekend. It was awesome. Well, what we remember of it anyway.

Good-bye, summer. We'll see you again in eight months... eight long months.