Let's be honest... although, we would all like to say we love working out and are excited to go all the time, that is not true. If you think that every day, you are really lying to yourself. Yes, a lot of times, I do love to workout, but it takes a lot of willpower to actually go to the gym and get myself to do anything.

I am sure all of us have used one excuse or another to get out of working out and sit on the couch to eat then entire bag of chips (no shame, I have done it too!) but what are the excuses that people use the most? I mean I am sure most of us don't say we just don't want to go or are lazy because that makes us look bad.

A new survey came out with the top 10 excuses we all use apparently. So, if you are looking for excuses not to go, here are some that you can tell your friends and not feel so bad about it!

1.  Unhealthy foods are just too tempting.

2.  A lack of motivation.

3.  I don't have enough time to exercise.

4.  I can't resist all the treats and desserts around the holidays.

5.  There's not enough time to make healthy meals.

6.  I have a "treat yourself" mentality.

7.  My significant other buys too much junk food.

8.  My co-workers bring unhealthy food to share at work.

9.  My family doesn't want to eat healthy.

10.  My significant other makes food that isn't good for me.

Or you could just actually go to the gym.... but who really wants to do that?