As we all know, Veteran’s day is a day to honor and thank all those who are active, reserved or retired from the military. In order to honor a veteran and their families, many business’ and people like to give back by providing a free meal or drink, discounts at stores or events, and even putting on concerts or shows to honor them. These are all great ways to give back but what are some things that YOU can do personally to honor them?

  1. If you see someone wearing a military reference or on the car in the drive thru, pay for their meal or whatever they are buying. It is a small but simple gesture.
  2. You can offer to buy a soldier a drink and then just sit and LISTEN! Ask them their story and if they do not want to share just ask them what some of their best memories are from their childhood. For some, it is just as important to help them forget what they went through as it is to remember.
  3. Put together a care package or write a letter to send overseas. You do not have to know someone in the military to send something. Just letting them know that they are loved and supported by anyone from home is important.
  4. It is holiday season, so go ahead and donate some gifts to the troops and to aid the veterans who have come home and are struggling!
  5. Finally, simply smile and say “Thank You”.

These suggestions may seem like simple things, but it is the small things in life that make a difference. Veterans do not ask for praise or a thank you for serving and protecting us, but rather do it out of their own good will and bravery because it is something, they believe in. The best thing that you can do this Veterans day is to reach out and say “Thank You” and to always remember your freedom would not be free without those who protect us and those who have died protecting us.

Happy Veteran’s Day!