A new survey  by Frito-Lay has come out about our snacking habits and revealed that salty snacks are more popular than spicy or sweet ones. I mean that's not really surprising, most of us set out chips or crackers when we have people over for "snacks."

What may surprise you is how often we go to the grocery store for snacks in a month. It may be more often than you think or if you are like me it sounds about right. Here are a few snack facts for you to consider the next time you go to buy snacks... but don't let them stop you!

1.  Salty stuff is our most popular snack choice, like regular potato chips and peanuts.  Cheesy or spicy snacks are next things like Flamin' Hot Cheetos or chips with odd flavors.  And sweet snacks like candy and cookies are third.

2.  If you need to bring snacks to a friend's house, what do you grab?  Somehow, the most common answer was popcorn.  About one in four people said it's probably what they'd buy if they needed to stop and pick something up on the way.

3.  Two-thirds of us buy snacks at least once a week.  And almost all of us buy them at least once a month.

I would like to add my own statistic to that last fact and say there are those of us who buy snacks at least once a day, am I right? Ok, I know I am not alone of this one but let me know what are your favorite snacks, salty or sweet?