A man allegedly spit in the face of a Waterloo police officer and made life-threatening comments toward authorities while being arrested in a local stolen gun investigation Sunday evening (Sept. 18, 2016).

Kristopher Spates, 22, of Waterloo, was taken into custody following a traffic stop near Nevada and Mulberry streets around 6 p.m. During the stop, police said they found Spates was carrying a loaded handgun that was stolen in a 2015 burglary. He was then placed under arrest.

According to police, Spates spit in the face of one of the arresting officers while being handcuffed. They said he also made life-threatening comments to officers during his detention at the Black Hawk County jail.

Spates was booked on a variety of charges. They include carrying weapons, interference with a weapon, first-degree harassment, assault on peace officer causing bodily injury, and fifth-degree criminal mischief.