Hazleton residents will no longer have to boil their water.

According to the city public works director, a second required sample of the city water, tested last week by the state labs for bacteria, has been returned with no bacteria in the sample.

The boil advisory and water testing were the result of a water main break in Hazleton last week. Water was shut off to consumers for a short time Wednesday (Sept. 14)to fix the water main break, but when service resumed, as a precaution, a boil advisory was put into place, as per state policy.

Customers using the water, were advised to boil it before using it for consumption. That advisory was in place for just over 2 days.

2 consecutive samples of water sent to the state lab had to be free of bacteria before the "all clear" was announced.

Officially, as of 4pm Friday, Hazleton's water supply has been deemed safe to drink.