If you are like any other normal millennial, you probably share or have shared your Netflix password with someone, right? I mean, we all have enough bills between student loans and you know eating that saving a little money here and there by sharing passwords really shouldn't be a big deal or a surprise.

Well, Netflix knows that we share our passwords and they may be coming for us... or not. A Netflix executive this week announced that they are monitoring accounts that they believe are being shared and are trying to find "consumer-friendly ways" to keep it from happening.

I have two problems with this: One, doesn't this go against some sort of privacy laws on our accounts for monitoring specific ones? And two, Netflix still gets the money even if we share a password! Look, if you didn't know each account has up to 4 simultaneous streams on it. For the standard plan of $12.99 only two devices can watch at once. You would think because Netflix already allows us all to share that way they wouldn't take the time to hunt down people who share the passwords.

Basically right now, Netflix is trying to decide if it is worth the hassle to track down paying customers who are password sharing so all of you who do this are safe for now!