I started playing in the Waterloo DekHockey league that began this fall in downtown Waterloo, and a few weeks ago my DekHogs team named me as the team captain. Now I'm not so sure it was the honor I thought it was.

Bucky Doren (Photo: Donette Tjabring)

As soon as I found out that DekHockey was coming to Waterloo, I was intrigued. After a little research, I learned it was 3-on-3 hockey with a goalie. It's played on a downsized rink, and you play it in your street shoes.

I have never played any form of hockey in my life. Despite that fact, I thought I'd give it a try, and I survived my first DekHockey game when the league started.

This past Tuesday night, my DekHogs team played our sixth regular season game (of nine). I'm not really a skilled player, far from it, but that's not why I decided to play. I wanted to get a little exercise, I wanted to try something new, and I wanted to meet some new people (IE get out of the house)

I've gotten better each week. In fact, I finally earned my way onto the stat sheet during game six with an assist. If coach P.K. O'Handley needs some advice for his Waterloo Black Hawks, well, I doubt he'll call me for my thoughts, but I'm willing to to take that call (I won't hold my breath). LoL.

Bucky Doren taking a face off (Photo: Donette Tjabring)

That's why I was really surprised when my teammates voted me team captain a few weeks ago. I figured it had more to do with my seven years of running a baseball team. Managing the roster, making the line-up, in-game decisions, they're all in my wheel house.

It turns out it had more to do with the after game duties than anything else. As team captain, I do all of those things I mentioned earlier, but I also get the 'honor' of washing the substitute player team jerseys. I guess it allows me to 'appreciate' the blood, sweat, and tears some of our teammates put into playing DekHockey. Yeah, I'm not buying it as an honor either. LoL.

Laundering of the blood, sweat, & tears (Photo: Bucky Doren)

On a serious note, I'm having so much fun. I've met some really cool people. I'm getting some exercise, and I'm finally getting out of the house.

Go DekHogs.